Thursday, April 7, 2016

Winter memories


New Look sweater / свитер
Topshop fur coat / шуба
NewYorker jeans / джинсы
Zara boots / ботинки
Dressin bag / сумка

Love, Yulia


  1. Such a cool look! Black's the best.

  2. Love your coat! xx

  3. Классно выглядишь! Очень стильно!

    Fashion Design by Julia Fetisova

  4. Halo sobat blogger, ijin berkunjung ya.
    salam kenal dengan saya, blogger baru :D

  5. Очень стильный образ!

  6. Amazing post

    Love Vikee

  7. Hello! I love this look.

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    Anyway, do you have any sort of advice for bloggers trying to get back into the game and gain community? I know you've got a lot going on here and are probably very busy keeping it up (I don't blog nearly often enough.. ugh). I'm also very open to having coffee or tea and travel a lot for business (I'm also an artist and designer).

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    So it's very nice to meet you, yes this is long and I apologize. Hope to hear from you. Thank you for reading. <3